Monday, July 21, 2014

Sticky Nendoroids

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Just a simple tutorial on how to deal with stickiness on your precious Nendoriods.
What are the causes to this stickiness on Nendoroids?
 It was caused by plasticizer the main material used on figures that was used on PVC in order to make them softer. However, after a certain period the plasticizer will become vaporize and creates a sticky layers on our figurine.

This is normal. So do not panic when you experience this. ;)

What I used to clean off the stickiness
1. mild dish washing liquid
2. luke warm water 
3. cotton bud


First, prepare an amount of luke warm water with a few drops of dish washing liquid. Mix until you can see bubbles appear. Then, put in the parts of your Nendoriods that you wish to clean. Gently rub the parts of the Nendoriods that is sticky with your fingers or cotton bud. Then soak it for 15 minutes.
*NOTE: Do not allow the water level to touch the face of your Nendoriods as i am afraid that it might damage the printing on their faces.

Finally, rinse them slowly with some water to remove the bubbles from the Nendoroid parts and leave them to dry.
After the entire process, you will finally have the result of NON STICKY NENDORIODS!!
Your Nendoriods will be as clean as new.

- Do not place your precious Nendoroids under sunlight for a period of time
- Do not abandon your Nendoriods in sealed boxes for too long
- Air them once in a while by allowing air ventilation 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hectic Day

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song: rashiku ikimasho

I will be sitting for my JLPT N4 examination today.
Woke up at 7am and went over to my usual place to do some revision.

superbly nervous for the examination later.
went over for exam at around 1.30pm. After the entire exams went straight for keiko as our Sensei from Japan came over for a visit.
A tiring keiko session but I really did have fun.
A group picture of us after keiko. :)
Running off for dinner now.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Singapore Trip: Day 1

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song: iitoshii ito (miyavi)

I know this sounded stupid, but i have to admit that this is my very first time to Singapore.
It was a trip before starting my new chapter of life when I gets back to Penang.
It was an opportunity for me to visit my sis that is currently in Sg and meanwhile experiencing Sg at the same time.

I felt as if I am currently in some Singapore drama scene among these apartments.

We had our home cooked breakfast by both Wendy and Christine. Then at around 11am we walked over to Ikea to meet up with Emily for lunch.

While waiting for Emily, we did find ways to kill our time.
And both of them did it really good. =.=

So we had lunch at Ikea.
Our desert 
After, lunch Emily got back to work and 3 of us are on our own.
I let both of these tour guides take me around as they seems to be really familiar with this place.
So, they decided to bring me around Bugis for a stroll 
Bugis people
Things here are pretty cheap! (before conversion of course)
We headed to Orchard after that. On our way there, we saw a really "yau yeng" policeman controlling the traffic allowing some VIP to go through. I have to admit, it is really hard to find a police with this perfect size at our place here. *I hope you know what I meant*

grab lotsa magazine from Kinokuniya.
Time to save some cash for tomorrow at USS. :D

Friday, February 28, 2014

Oxbow New Range of Supplements

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Went over to the petshop today and got some new supplements for the kids. Oxbow had also just came out with a few new range of supplements in hay tab form which is easier for them to consume.

Senior Support
This is specially for my one and only Nyappy :D

Digestive Support

Skin & Coat

Vitamin C
For both Anko and Taro. Since both of them never consume veges. I think this is really substantial for them.

Joint Support


Immune Support

Urinary Support

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Make Up

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song: its christmas all over the world (sheena easton)

I currently so in the mood for Christmas!!
The make for today is themed Candy Cane! :D

How I wish it snows here.. sigh

Utilizing the candy cane that I received as a gift the other day.. LOL

Just want to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas!
May this Christmas marks the beginning of a wonderful year for us! Have a joyful Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dramatic Monster Mouth Make Up

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song: last christmas

This is one of my Halloween try outs on a more dramatic monster mouth look other than my 1st Kyary Pamyu Pamyu inspired make up.

The Items I've Used
1. White contact lenses
2. Elianto Black Pencil eyeliner
3. Elainto White Pencil eyeliner
4. Maybelline Pure Concealer 
5. Elianto Pink, White, Red and Black eyeshadow
6. In2it black liquid eyeliner

Just refer to the kyary pamyu pamyu's monster mouth but this time make it more dramatic and eerie. 
Pardon my messy room :( 
An advice, sketch a rough blueprint/ outline of the monster mouth with a white pencil eyeliner in advance before filling in the details of the mouth. 

Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
What do you think? This look is really worth and fun to try on during Halloween season.
Good luck in trying this look ;)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

120 pro eyeshadow review

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song: last christmas (exile)

Bought a brand new pallet of eye-shadows with 120 colors for only RM65.
superbly cheap!! 

Trying on the pink eye shadows from the pallet and I absolutely LOVE it!!
my make for the day.

Their eyeshadow colors are all high pigmented and silky as well!
I have to admit, some famous eyeshadow brands disappoints me most of the time when I were to apply them on the skin as the colors differs. This eyeshadow is really more than what it's price worth!